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AeroCatch Xtreme Latch Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: AeroCatch | Category: Hood Pins and Trunk Pins
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125-4000 Latch Kit
Xtreme Flush
Color Black
125-4100 Latch Kit
Xtreme Flush
Color Black

Product Description

Introducing the AeroCatch Hood Pins’ latest variation – AeroCatch Xtreme – looks set to improve safety and efficiency in the much harsher conditions of the off-road and rally arena.

With its steel strike pins, AeroCatch Xtreme has been designed to withstand the conditions found in even the most severe raid events. Having listened to and from working with our customers involved in off-road racing, our engineers have gained essential feedback that has provided us with a platform to ruggedise the product, suiting their tougher requirements.

AeroCatch Xtreme is easier and safer to use than the traditional “sliding pin” catches and is less hazardous for support crews. Team managers will also be pleased to note that this version of AeroCatch retails at the same cost as the standard AeroCatch bonnet/hood pins, so there is no price penalty for a product even more suited to their needs.

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