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APEXi Electronics - DIN3 Meter UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
409AA003 DIN3 Meter
Incl Sensors: Temp x 2 & Pressure x 1 (1/8PT)
403-X005 Temp Sensor Adapter
1/8PT to M14xP1.5
403-X006 Temp Sensor Adapter
1/8PT to M16xP1.5
403-X007 Temp Sensor Adapter
1/8PT to M20xP1.5
403-X008 Temp Sensor Adapter
1/8PT to M12xP1.25
403-X009 Temp Sensor Adapter
1/8PT to M18xP1.5
403-X010 Temp Sensor Adapter
1/8PT to 3/4PT
49B-A027 Extension Harness
Length 3 Meters

Product Description

A New Bi-planer VFD multi-purpose digital meter to replace and visually enhance traditional analog meters.


  • Displace head unit
  • Sensor unit
  • Two temperature sensors with 2 x (2.5m) connector harnesses
    • Measures water temp and engine/transmission/differential gear oil temp.
  • One pressure sensor with 1 x (2.5m) connector harness
    • Measures fuel and oil pressure

*Optional Part #49B-A027 – (3m) Sensor extension harness


  • Fits in standard size single din location
  • Multiple display function to monitor two temperatures and one pressure reading
  • Advanced display incorporating a two-layer digital numerical accuracy with a “real-time” analog feel
  • Equipped with Warning and Peak Hold functions
  • Each meter incorporates a centralized full-color LED indicator
  • The LED color changes according to temperature or pressure readings
    Color change gradation
    Temperature: Blue > Green > Yellow > Red
    Pressure: Blue > Green > Yellow > Red

  • LED colors can also be fixed in the color of your choice

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