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COMP Cams Pushrod Tools UNIVERSAL

Brand: COMP Cams | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear


KD516 5/16" Pushrod Cutter
Bore 0.169
Pilot 0.157in
KD716 7/16" Pushrod Cutter
Bore 0.284
Pilot 0.184in
4913 Push Rod Assembly Tool
7700 Pushrod Cleaning Brush
KD38 3/8" Pushrod Cutter
Bore 0.222
Pilot 0.213in
5350 Pushrod Seat Insert Removal Tool
KD716T 7/16" Tapered Pushrod Cutter
Bore 0.222
Pilot 0.184in
KSTAND Push Rod Holder/Stabilizer
KD38C 3/8" Pushrod Cutter
Bore 0.214
Pilot 0.225in
KD516C 5/16" Pushrod Cutter
Bore 0.157
Pilot 0.169in
KD716C 7/16" Pushrod Cutter
Bore 0.188
Pilot 0.287in

Product Description

Pushrod Cleaning Brush
There is a simple solution to thoroughly cleaning the internal oil passages of oiling pushrods. The COMP Cams Pushrod Cleaning Brush is specifically designed to handle the task and built to withstand repeated use with nylon bristles and a durable steel shaft.

Pushrod Cutting Bits
These cutters are made specifically to cut pushrods and will cut up to 200 pieces. When the cut is finished, it leaves a .002” to .003” press fit between the pushrod and tip. Cutters may be ordered as needed.

Desired cutting speed is 200 RPM or less.

Pushrod Holder (Stabilizer)
This tool is used to safely hold the pushrod while cutting to the desired length. The holder may be placed in a drill press for more secure and accurate cuts and also stabilizes the pushrod to control flex while cutting. The holder has a revolver that will accept 5/16”, 3/8” and 7/16” pushrods. It also has a threaded hole located on top of the tool that can be used as a stop for quick, same-length cuts.

Desired cutting speed is 200 RPM or less.

Pushrod Assembly Tool
This simple tool makes assembling pushrod kits so easy that anyone can do it. Simply cut the tubing in a lathe, deburr the ends and use the assembly tool to press the ends in place, without the risk of splitting or bending the pushrod. Anyone who has ever used the block of wood and hammer technique will truly appreciate this innovative tool.

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