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JIC Exhaust Accessories UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
FLNG60 Exhaust Flange
Size 60mm
FLNG80 Exhaust Flange
Size 80mm
IN-101 Inner Silencer
Size 101mm
IN-114 Inner Silencer
Size 114mm
IN-90 Inner Silencer
Size 90mm
FLNG80TI Exhaust Flange
Size 80mm
GKSET60 Exhaust Gasket
Includes 2 Gaskets & 4 Bolts/Nuts
Size 60mm
GKSET80 Exhaust Gasket
Includes 2 Gaskets & 4 Bolts/Nuts
Size 80mm
STSU-114 Slide Tip Stainless Steel
Size 114mm
STTI-114 Slide Tip Titanium
Size 114mm

Product Description

  • Inner Silencer – JIC Inner Silencer fits on all Spartan DE Type 1 canisters. Reduces exhaust noise and creates back pressure. Comes in several different sizes depending on the canister size.
  • Exhaust Gasket – Replacement gasket for JIC Spartan exhaust systems. Please specify piping diameter and which model exhaust system.
  • Exhaust Flange – Exhaust Flange for the Spartan Exhaust System. Please specify which exhaust or canister you have.

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