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M7 Racing Meters UNIVERSAL

Brand: M7 Japan | Category: Gauges
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
PM-16 Racing Meter SMD
Press Meter
BM-7 Racing Meter SMD
Boost Meter
OEX-23 Racing Meter SMD
Ex.Temp Sensor Set
Exhaust Temp Sensor, Harness & Fitting
OTM-25 Racing Meter SMD
Temp Sensor Set
Temp Sensor & Harness
EX-12 Racing Meter SMD
Exhaust Temp Meter
TM-14 Racing Meter SMD
Temp Meter
OPM-30 Racing Meter SMD
Press Sensor Set
Press Sensor & Harness
OBM-21 Racing Meter SMD
Boost Sensor Set
Boost Sensor, Harness & Fitting

Product Description

M7 Racing Meters are accurate electric gauges with stepping motors. Back light dimmer function that operates with illumination switch for better view in the dark.


  • Warning function. LED flashes when the value exceeds the adjustable warning limit.
  • Peak hold function. Peak value can be memorized and recalled.
  • Sensor short circuit notification function.
  • No live unit (link unit) is needed.
  • Only one power supply connection is required for multiple meters.

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