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NGK Ignition Coil

Brand: NGK | Category: Spark Plugs

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Product Description

Ignition coils represent the so-called “power plant” of the ignition process in the petrol engine. As part of the ignition system, they are charged with the task of providing the spark plug with the high voltage required to generate an ignition spark between the centre and earth electrode of the spark plug and ignite the air-fuel mixture.

NGK ignition coils, like our spark plugs, are manufactured to OE standards for the highest durability and operational performance, so they can be installed with OE confidence.

Our coil designs are developed and proven tough in our ISO 17025 accredited test lab at extreme conditions that are far beyond any operational environment that a vehicle would experience.

Over 450 ignition coil part numbers / 95%+ VIO coverage in the USA. Vast coverage including late-model domestic and import vehicles.

U1 Type
NGK distributor-based ignition system coils are used in vehicles with a conventional ignition distributor.

U2 Type
NGK distributorless ignition system (DIS) coils have multiple high voltage outputs – one for each cylinder.

U3 Type
NGK distributorless ignition system (DIS) with waste spark design coils have two high voltage outputs.

U4 Type
Coil-on-plug / waste spark design

U5 Type
NGK coil-on-plug or pencil coil designs provide energy for a single spark plug and requires as many coils as there are cylinders.

U6 Type
NGK rail coils combine multiple coils into a single assembly.

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