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Sparco Racewear - Karting Safety - Rib Protector UNIVERSAL

Brand: Sparco | Category: Racewear
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
00241100XXS TPS Rib Protector
Size XXSmall
0024110XS TPS Rib Protector
Size XSmall
0024111S TPS Rib Protector
Size Small
0024112M TPS Rib Protector
Size Medium
0024113L TPS Rib Protector
Size Large
0024114XL TPS Rib Protector
Size XLarge

Product Description

Because you never know what can happen, play it safe with Sparco Rib Protectors.

SPK-3 Rib Protector
The SPK-3 Rib Protector provides great comfort, using reduced thickness and high coefficient of shock absorption. Rigid internal splinting and adjustable vest ensures protection where you need it. Available in black with red trim and emblazoned with Sparco’s signature logo in sizes from XS to XL.

SPK-5 Rib Protector
The SPK-5 Rib Protector adds protection and padding without adding bulk. Made from lightweight fiberglass composite, the SPK-5 Rib Protector features adjustable shoulder straps to ensure correct placement. Available with black straps emblazoned with Sparco’s signature logo in sizes from XS to XL.

SPK-7 Rib Protector
The unique design of our SPK-7 Rib Protector offers the best protection for ribs, back, chest and shoulders. Wide shoulder straps conform to the natural shape of the body to offer protection without sacrificing movement. Front Velcro closure protects sternum while guaranteeing fit. Available in black in sizes from XXS to XL.

TPS Rib Protector
The aim of the TPS Rib Protector is the maximum protection on the crucial areas. Stiff protection for ribs and soft protection for the shoulders, removable chest protection and backbone padding made from shockproof polyurethane. Six sizes are available for an optimum result.

Rib Pro K-5 Rib Protector
The RIB PRO K-5 rib protector has a rigid framework made of hand-laminated fibreglass. Features expanded EPDM padding for better shock absorption. The shoulder straps can be adjusted for length for maximum comfort. Light but robust front closure. Personalised straps designed to reduce rigidity in the shoulder area. Rubber edges to prevent wear on racing suit. 100% Made in Italy.

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